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"Not-So-Undercover" Tee – 'Casually Official' Edition

"Not-So-Undercover" Tee – 'Casually Official' Edition

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Welcome to the "Not-So-Undercover" Tee, where subtlety takes a backseat and bold statements grab the wheel. This is the t-shirt that screams 'respect the badge' while grabbing a latte.

  • Badge of Nonchalance: Who needs stealth when you have style? Flaunt your love for the force with a graphic so overt, it might just get a salute at your next traffic stop.
  • Durability That Stands Up in a Lineup: Crafted with a cotton blend that's tougher than a two-dollar steak, this tee can withstand the rigors of a doughnut run or a desk job.
  • Fit for the Off-Duty Look: Its tubular design ensures a fit so relaxed, it's practically horizontal – perfect for blending in with the civilians... or not.
  • Collar With More Rounds Than a Revolver: The double-needle collar won't stretch out, even if your "police work" is more about streaming true crime than walking the beat.
  • Made-to-Order for the Badge Enthusiast: Each shirt is printed for those who like their apparel like their humor – dry and with a badge on it.

Slip into the "Not-So-Undercover" Tee and let the irony hit as hard as a gavel in a silent courtroom. It's not just a fashion statement; it's a whisper-quiet shout-out to those who walk the beat... to their own drum.

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