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KingFool Tee

KingFool Tee

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Step into a realm where the crown and capers collide with our "KingFool Tee." This t-shirt is a tribute to the playful sovereign who rules over the court of jesters with wit and whimsy. Adorned with a vibrant, kaleidoscopic print of the king of fools, it's perfect for those who reign over their domain with a sense of humor and a dash of eccentricity.

  • Double-stitched neckline and sleeves to ensure your royal garment stands the test of time and merriment.
  • Rolled-forward shoulders for a fit that’s noble yet comfortable, suitable for both throne and town.
  • Stylish fitted sleeve that adds a contemporary edge to the monarchial motif.
  • Seamless double-needle collar that won't chafe, because even jesters deserve comfort.
  • Taped neck and shoulders for durability, because every ruler needs their regalia to last through many a festive frolic.
  • Tubular fit for minimal torque, keeping your royal portrait straight no matter how much you twist and turn in jest.

This tee is no joker; it's a modern classic made on demand, ensuring no fool’s gold in terms of environmental costs. Wear the "KingFool Tee" and let the kingdom know that all is well under your lighthearted rule.

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